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    Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, Magdouché, Liban.
    Appelée Notre-Dame de Mentara , du Syriaque Mnatar= Garder
    Live Love Lebanon
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    Sav akhoul méné koulkhoun
    Hono dén itao pagro dil.
    Sav echtaw méné koulkhoun
    Hono dén itao dmo dil.
    Prenez mangez en tous
    Ceci donc est mon corps
    Prenez buvez en tous
    Ceci donc est mon sang
    D’où vient le mot « hostie » ?
    2 days ago Sophie Akl-Chedid
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    Maronites shared In Defense of Christians's post.
    In Defense of Christians
    3 days ago Francis Kassir
    كل المسيحيون اخوة في السيد.
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    Merci à SOS Chrétiens d'Orient
    SOS Chrétiens d'Orient
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    Bonne fête à toutes les Rita
    Timeline Photos
    1 week ago Paul Karam
    Rita Calache Rita Sarkis Rita Karam Rita Hajj Assaf bonne fête a vs tous. Que St Rita vs beni.
    1 week ago Frederic Sbalbi
    Ste Rita sauvée l'église qui porte votre nom dans Paris 15 de la destruction Amen
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    Maronites updated their cover photo.
    Maronites's cover photo
    1 week ago Marcelle Nassif
    The big J. C. !
    1 week ago Maronites
    Éno-no nouhomo w hayé. Man da mhaymén bi, ofén nmout nihé.
    Je suis la résurrection et la vie. Celui qui croit en moi , même s'il meure, il vivra . Jean 11-25
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    For the Maronite Cypriots the death of their language in effect means cutting off any remaining links with their past, from which their unique religious sect, its hymns and prayers derive. Language is not just another way of saying the same things; it is a different thought process with new ideas and perspectives, as is commonly said in the Czech Republic: “You live a new life for every new language you speak.” Like a museum, language contains within its cluster of words the story of how we came to our present time, from where we came and who we encountered along the way – essentially it reflects who we are.
    Cypriot Maronites, yet another casualty of Greek and Turkish Cypriot ethnocentrism
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    Pour nous Chrétiens, il n'y a pas de fin. Tout est un début. (Maronites)
    La fin des chrétiens d'Orient ? | ARTE
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    Un fils de l'Église Syriaque-Maronite à la tête de l'État brésilien
    Michel Temer : un membre de la diaspora libanaise à la tête du Brésil
    2 weeks ago Eben Keserwen
    you don't need to say syriac , you can say maronite ....syriac was just a language ...
    2 weeks ago Raji Maaraoui
    والده ووالدته ارثوذكس من بتعبورة الكورة اما هو فقد ولد في البرازيل عام 1940 ثم اعتنق الكاثوليكية "اي انه روم كاثوليك" ليتمكن من ممارسة العمل السياسي.
    لكنه ليس مارونيا. راجعوا wikipedia
    2 weeks ago George Kanaan
    Tania Kanaan Raji Maaraoui
    2 weeks ago Mireille Joujou
    Syriaque maronite ou orthodoxe?
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    Cypriot Maronites
    Maronite service held in Famagusta
    2 weeks ago Robin Lawrence Salem Tredrea
    Leah Fry
  • 2 weeks ago by Maronites

    Le Pater
    Notre Père en Syriaque
    ܨܠܝܒܐ ܕܢܘܗܪܐ Slibo d nouhro
    2 weeks ago Duper Olivier
    I would like to know of this jesus language?
    2 weeks ago Michael Khairallah
    Thats the Western Aramaic theres the Eastern Aramaic as well where some endings are not the same, Aboun d bashmayA for example.
    2 weeks ago Dimitrie-dan Vorobchievici
    is the oil international intrests the real isis conflict?
    what role have the Americans, Jews, Europeans, Russians, Arabians, Asians, ........... in this conflict?
    totalitarian systems need stupids, silly(s), ........ to can manipulate by mass media, press, ......................, cultivate yourself, inform yourself not be their stupid, silly, ........
    totalitarian systems do not need quality, they need their quality
    quality are resulting including competition
    when you want to do something of quality, you become their enemy the totalitarians
    how is posibel then we are using for more than100 years the same engines cars, ..........., even there are other engines?
    how influence that things climate change?
    sistemele totalitare au nevoi de prosti pe care sa-i manipuleze prin mass meedia, presa, ......................, cultiva-te, informeaza-te nu fi prostul lor
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    democracy i love you, also them?
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    Syriac Maronite music
    Syriac Maronite Music - الموسيقى السريانيِه المارونيِه
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    Love and devotion to the mother of God
    (In Spain)
    Zgharta Ehden Daily
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    Maronite Church of Saint Charbel in Cyprus
    St Charbel Church - Limassol
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    L'ermite maronite Mor Yohanon Khawand, chante "Moran étrahama alayn"
    بالفيديو، الناسك الماروني يوحنا خوند يرتّل موران اتراحام علين
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    A great progress for Syriac studies :
    Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents - CCED
    3 weeks ago Damien Delgrossi
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    4 weeks ago Simon Antoun
    It brings so much joy to my heart when reminded of my canaanite syriac tradition and the language our Lord spoke and so then our holy saint of saints +saint Maroun+ who preached the word of our Lord with this language.
    Saint Maroun ! Pray for us , the followers of your way of adoration for our Lord jesus Christ. Amen
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    Le patriarche syriaque maronite d'Antioche demande à tous les prêtres maronites d'enseigner la langue syriaque dans les paroisses maronites à travers le monde.
    Patriarch of the Syriac Maronite Church of Antioch calls all Maronite priests to teach Syriac in Lebanon and in Diaspora .
    4 weeks ago Andreas Can
    Luc Atas
    4 weeks ago Konstantinos Koll
    Wonderful! Back to roots!
    4 weeks ago Marcelle Nassif
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    #Qoloatiqo #qolo new #cd launching "أهلني لتسبيحك" at #USEK
    أهّلني لِتسبيحِكَ
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    WW1: The Famine of Mount Lebanon - BBC News